3 Month Guarantee

Trion Real Estate Management stands by our service and we are the only management company that “Guarantees” savings for all our clients.Looking Up at New York Tall Buildings

The Trion 3 Month Money back Guarantee states that, “ If we don’t lower your operating expenses in the first three months of management then we will reimburse you all the fees that were paid and we will allow an early termination of your management contract.” This offer guarantees you savings and the peace of mind to know that we will hit the ground running on day 1.

Below are some ways we accomplish this goal:

Competitive Oil Prices
Oil Usage Tracking System
Annual Heating Efficiency Checks

Competitive Rates
Aggressive Marketing
Preventative Maintenance

Expense Benchmarking
Material Order Monitoring
Increase in house repairs

To learn more about this offer and feel free to e-mail us at info@trionmanagement.com or call 914-964-1100 for a Free Property Analysis.