Construction Management Services

In the event that major alterations, renovations or improvements are required to be made to a property then we act as project manager and supervise all phases of the project from the hiring of the architect to the supervision of the performance of the work by the contractor.

NYC Construction Management ServicesConstruction Management Services

  • Supervision of all major renovation jobs done onsite
  • Bidding out the work to at least 3 contractors
  • Review of proposals with owner or Board of Directors
  • Coordinating repair schedule with tenants and owners
  • Reviewing the accuracy of all permits and documents of insurance  

Construction Portfolio

  • 554-558 W 181st Street: Manage the renovation of 10 units and common areas, $350,000
  • 758 Kelly Street: Remediate over 250 violations from the time of purchase, $100,000
  • 165 W 127th Street: Oil to gas conversion, $35,000
  • 4003 Cherry Hill Drive: 2 bdrm townhouse gut rehab due to fire, $102,000
  • Gateway Estates Condo: Gut rehab of 40 units and common areas, $3,700,000
  • Cherry Hill Townhouses: Exterior painting of 8 two story buildings, $45,000
  • 44 Herriot Street: 3-bedroom gut rehab due to fire, $82,000
  • 55 Sheridan Ave: Repair and paint exterior Tudor design, $17,000
  • 5 West 4th Street: 10-unit gut rehab due to fire, $430,000
  • 26 Post Street: 4 unit and hallway gut renovation, $161,000
  • 4676 Albany Post Road: 2-bedroom gut rehab due to fire, $65,000
  • 10-14 Glencar: Aluminum wiring conversion, $12,500
  • 342 E. 4th Street: Oil to gas conversion, $10,000
  • 42 Herriot Street: Oil to gas conversion, $12,500
  • Unit Renovations: complete unit renovations ranging from $8,000-$60,000

A full list of our Construction Portfolio is available upon request.


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